2D/3D image to 4D Space-time image?

Let’s say the picture of a simple 3D object (a tree). Generally, one more dimension is attached to it, Time. But we don’t see it. Or there is no history of it. In other words even if we can traverse the image in three diension, we can not traverse in time!

The idea is: what if we can make a 2D or 3D graphics to a 4D spacetime graphics?
Is that even possible? What are the benefits and or consequences?

Few of the benefits would be:
• To be able to observe the whole history (past, present and future (!)) of real world objects!
• To be able to simulate complex systems precisely
• To be able to decide State (T) and State (W, H, D, T)

Now the question is: is it possible to create a 4D image of a 2D or 3D object?
• The arrow of time or entropy is an issue
• Measuring any State (T) in future is a problem and may be against the law of physics
• Speaking of probability, how much does it work in the future?

To simplify,
The state of an object at any given point of space can be quantified (e.g. whether injured or not).
But is it possible to measure the state of the object at any one point in time (point in spacetime) too?
Although it may seem like science fiction ( like Time Machine) but even if the future state (Tf) couldn’t not be measured, it is apparently possible to measure past and present. An example of this could be video. But it isn’t the case. A video is made by combination of some static photo. And recording video of future (in current sense) is not apparently possible.

Even if the state of the future can’t be measured (due to law of nature, even quantum computers too have to abide by the law of physics), how much accuracy it will provide guessing future according to it’s past and present state?

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