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Does the ability of utilizing full brainpower make someone god?

A couple of years back, I was watching a Si-Fi movie named “Lucy” with my friend! The protagonist Lucy has shown some strange behavior like controlling electromagnetic signals & devices, copying others mind etc. That was strange! But it’s Si-Fi after all you know?

But the ending was stranger! When consuming CPH4 made her to be able to utilize her brain 100% and after then she just disappeared! When she was asked where is she? Then, she answered “I am everywhere!”

Well! That’s just Si-Fi movie! Some of the phenomena might be real but most of them not!

But it brings the question “Does utilizing your brain 100% make you equal to god?” Because when you get 100% knowledge & find a way to exist everywhere on space-time, it makes you God like! Isn’t it?

Here’s my thought: may be some day humans will be able to gain 100% knowledge of their own brain but it surely won’t make them equal to God! Why?

Let me explain! Utilizing 100% of human brain doesn’t have to be same as utilizing 100% of God’s brain! It’s totally different thing! How?

Here’s how: God may have given most of the knowledge he have to his greatest creation ever, to mankind! But he surely won’t give the knowledge which makes him God! Which differentiates Creator from his creation: The knowledge of creation!

Now it’s obvious that who can create something from nothing can destroy it to nothing!

Believe it or not human may go beyond imagination but can’t become creator!

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