How to upgrade your Ubuntu Linux to 19.04 Disco Dingo

Yesterday, Canonical (the Ubuntu developer company) has released Ubuntu version 19.04 Disco Dingo.

Although this is not a LTS (Long Term Support) release, it has been in the table of discussion of Linux community for a while. Every new thing is exiting, right? But what is special about 19.04?

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro out there. And it came with many Desktop environment like KDE, Xfce, Budgie to name a few but Gnome is the default DE since 18.04. And Ubuntu 19.04 brings the latest (and greatest) Gnome update with it.

Let’s see what’s new with Ubuntu 19.04:

  • Gnome 3.32
  • Linux kernel 5.0
  • glibc update
  • Support for hDPI display
  • Fractional scaling etc.

I am not going to name all technical updates due to simplicity.

So, you are exited? Aren’t you?

Let’s update our existing Ubuntu to 19.04, shall we?

Ok. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Software updater
  2. From the Updates tab, set the Notify me of a new Ubuntu version dropdown menu to For any new version
  3. Click Close and then OK
  4. Then again open Software updater

Now the Updater should show you a notification about the update available (in this case 19.04).

Now click on the Upgrade button and follow the instructions to upgrade.

If no upgrades appears, you can simply force the upgrade by doing the following:

1. Close Software updater if it’s running

2. Open terminal and type the following and hit enter:

sudo update-manager -d

After giving your password the Update manager or Software updater should pop up with the latest release notes.

Now you should be able to upgrade your Ubuntu to 19.04.


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